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Anytime Cowboy - Demons Obey CS

Anytime Cowboy - Demons Obey CS

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Red ink on gold shells.

"Who's that knocking? Is it Satan? No, it’s Reuben Sawyer A.K.A. Anytime Cowboy ambling back into the town with another fistfull of jangle on his latest offering Demons Obey. This is Sawyer’s third and most intensive full-length release to date and out soon on Spared Flesh Records.

Demons Obey is boiling-over with oblong, twangy guitar tangles meandering drunkenly as the mid-tempo rhythm section gallops forward steadfastly, unwavering. Reuben’s vocals are calm and tuneful contrast to the droll lyrics which are paranoid and wickedly poetic. The recording is distinct–punchy and warm–the perfect capture for these off-kilter tunes.

Demons Obey feels like the lost soundtrack to some unwritten Acid Western. Anytime Cowboy is John Wayne high on mushrooms and whiskey flicking bullets at some strange, moving cacti growing on some burning world’s radioactive frontier."

-Sims Hardin

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